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Coaching Children: Building a Platform for Lifelong Involvement in Gaelic Games

The Child in Gaelic Games by Paudie Butler

Identifying and Assessing Game Based Movement Skills by Des Ryan

Gaelic Games - It's All Child's Play_by Peter Gunning

Incorporating Gaelic Games into the Primary School Physical Education Curriculum by Caitriona Cosgrave

Play the Game and Let it be your Master by Edward Coughlan

Why Go Games by Niall Moyna and Michael Whelan

The Family of Gaelic Games in Developing the Whole Player by DJ CAREY

Fueling Our Play by Bruce Wardrup

Implementing Models of Go Games A Case Study - Limerick Regeneration Project and Kilkenny_Pat Culhane and Briain Ryan


Hurling Skills

History of Hurling (Part 1)

History of Hurling (Part2)

What is Hurling (Part 1 of 3)

What is Hurling (Part 2 of 3)

What is Hurling? (Part 3 of 3)

Various Hurling Skills


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Hurling - Defensive Skills 1

Hurling - Defensive Skills 2

Hurling - Defensive Skills 3

Hurling - Defensive Skills 4

Hurling - Defensive Skills 5

Hurling - Defensive Skills 6

Hurling - Defensive Skills 7


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Hurling Skills - Intermediate technical drills

Hurling Skills - Advanced technical drills

Hurling Skills - Conditioned games

Hurling Skills - Ground strike on the run

Hurling Skills - Striking the ball from the hand

Hurling Skills - Overhead catch, common errors

Hurling Skills - overhead batting, correctly done

Hurling Skills - Lift & strike

Hurling Skills - Frontal block

Hurling Skills - Hurling hook

Hurling Skills - Wall drills


Hurling - the fastest game on grass (remix)


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Hurling Speaches No 1 GAA - RTE

Hurling Speaches No 2 GAA - RTE

Hurling Speaches No 3 GAA - RTE


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Hurling - a real man's game


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